Sweet fragrance

Classic tea rose that looks as beautiful as it smells!

The traditional look and heavenly scent of tea roses combine to make Sweet Fragrance a beautiful addition to your garden.

The much sought-after hybrid tea-shaped blooms are a festival of striking color. From buds of coral and orange with a deep yellow base, they swirl open to full, apricot blossoms that eventually mature to salmon pink.

At every step, the color is paired with a sweet fragrance. The clusters of blooms are held upright on sturdy canes, which make them perfect for cutting.

A vigorous grower, Sweet Fragrance has excellent disease resistance.

Here are three great reasons to grow Sweet Fragrance:

  1. Lovely hybrid tea-shaped blooms that range from coral and orange buds to apricot blossoms.
  2. Blossoms mature to salmon pink and have a sweet fragrance throughout their life cycle.
  3. Upright growth on sturdy canes perfect for cutting.
Height: 2-4′
Spread: 2-3′
Shape: Upright
Exposure: Full Sun
Zone: 5-9


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