It's in our nature

We live and breathe plants.

  • 1921

    Clinton Nurseries is Established

    Clinton Nurseries Landscaping is opened by Warren Richards Senior, on a small 10-acre lot in the Mill District of Clinton, Connecticut.

  • 1927

    The Landscaping Business begins to Flourish

    60 acres along Route 1 in Clinton, Connecticut is purchased, and Clinton Nurseries Landscaping continues to expand by growing its own nursery stock for clients.

  • 1930's

    A Garden Center is added to Clinton Nurseries Landscaping

    Business begins to boom and a garden center is added to the landscaping business.

  • 1947

    Warren Richards Jr. in uniform

    Warren Richards Jr. Joins the Family Business

    Warren Richards Jr., second generation, home from the war, joins the family business, primarily to run Clinton Nurseries Products, a potting soil company.

  • 1951

    Opportunties Arise

    Warren Jr. seizes the opportunity to sell plants to larger regional chains, such as W.T. Grant and F.W. Woolworth. Closing the Garden Center and Landscaping business, Clinton Nurseries becomes operational.

  • 1968


    The 1st Hoop House is Built

    The first hoop house is built to grow plants in containers and not in the ground. Rhododendrons were placed right on top of the loam.

  • 1975

    Four Generation Picture

    David Richards Joins the Family

    David Richards, third generation, begins working at the nursery and is put in charge of containers and shipping.

  • 1979

    Over 200 Acres Purchased in Westbrook, Connecticut

    As the demand for nursery stock continues, over 200 acres is purchased in Westbrook, Connecticut, just a short 10 minute drive from the first farm.

  • 1991


    300 acres in Northern Florida added

    The company continues to expand and 300 acres in Northern Florida is purchased.

  • 2000


    Michael Richards joins

    Michael Richards, fourth generation, joins the family business.

  • 2009

    Matthew Richards joins

    Fourth generation family member, Matthew Richards joins the company in charge of shipping.

  • 2010

    Eastern Maryland location added

    Clinton Nurseries adds its third location, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which provides the company with growing land that spans three separate growing zones.

  • 2021

    100th Anniversary

    Clinton Nurseries celebrates its 100th year.

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