Little Mischief

A tiny rose with a lot of colors!

This low-growing plant will bring plenty of color to your garden despite its small size.

Little Mischief is loaded with tiny, deep pink new blooms with a white eye. They contrast beautifully with the pale pink older blooms for lots of drama.

Glossy green foliage provides a nice contrast and is very resistant to disease.

Its low-growing habit makes it an ideal companion, perfect for borders, hedges, or decorative containers.

It is a surprisingly hardy variety, growing in zones 4-9 and blooming all summer long. 

Here are three great reasons to grow Little Mischief:

  1. Everblooming for plenty of colors all summer long.
  2. Deep pink new blooms with white eyes and contrasting pale pink older blooms.
  3. Extremely hardy and disease resistant.
Height: 2-3′
Spread: 2-4′
Shape: Compact, rounded
Exposure: Full Sun
Zone: 4-9


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