Bloomstruck® Bigleaf Hydrangea

The Hydrangea that lets you choose your color!

Bloomstruck not only provides you with clusters of beautiful blooms but the ability to change their color depending on the pH level of your soil.

Blooms can range from vivid rose pink to purple and also have striking red-purple stems and dark green leaves with red petioles and red veins for even more color.

The glossy foliage is both heat and cold resistant, with loads of new growth even after 50 days in below-zero weather.

Upright stems hold blooms high for added drama and the foliage is quite disease-resistant, especially to powdery mildew, making Bloomstruck as hardy as it is beautiful.

Here are three great reasons to grow Bloomstruck® Bigleaf Hydrangea:

  1. Loads of blooms that range from vivid rose-pink to purple depending on soil pH.
  2. Red-purple upright stems for an even more dramatic effect.
  3. Hot and cold tolerant and disease resistant.
Height: 3-4′
Spread: 4-5′
Shape: Rounded to spreading
Exposure: Part Shade
Foliage: Dark green
Fall Foliage: Burgundy-red
Zone: 4-9


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