Yellow Submarine

Submerge yourself in a spectrum of colors!

This beautiful shrub rose provides a whole spectrum of cheery yellows, from lemon-yellow to soft yellow and finally, to white, as the blossoms age.

Yellow Submarine grows upright and its deep green foliage is disease resistant, making it quite hardy.

Planted with other shrubs and perennials in groupings, it can make for an eye-catching effect. It’s the perfect glint of sunshine for your garden!

Here are three great reasons to grow Yellow Submarine:

  1. Clusters of flowers that change from lemon-yellow to soft yellow to white as they age.
  2. Deep green foliage that is disease resistant.
  3. Grows upright and makes a perfect accent with other shrubs and perennials.
Height: 2-4′
Spread: 2-3′
Shape: Upright
Exposure: Full Sun
Zone: 5-9


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