A striking plant that evokes the romance of Tuscany!

With its large showy foliage that emerges red in spring with a fine, bright yellow margin, Toscano™ makes a real statement in any landscape design.

The yellow margin eventually fades through summer but the foliage remains a good red before darkening and taking on flaming scarlet tones in autumn.

The overall effect is rich and vibrant, evoking the romance of the Tuscan countryside.

Forms an upright shrub with arching branches that stands out from surrounding plants.

Bred by Don Sellinger and introduced by Bailey Nurseries.

Here are three great reasons to grow Iceberg Toscano™:

  1. Large, showy foliage emerges red in spring with a fine, bright yellow margin.
  2. Foliage remains red and darkens to flaming scarlet in autumn.
  3. Eye-catching upright shrub with arching branches.
Height: 3-5′
Spread: 2-4′
Shape: Upright, arching
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Red with a yellow margin
Fall Foliage: Deep red to burgundy
Zone: 4-7


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