Pink Sparkler™ First Edition

If you are a fan of Spirea ‘Tor’, you will love this new twist on Spiraea betulifolia. Bred in France, Pink Sparkler™ blooms in early summer with large pink flowers at the terminals of this rounded shrub. An added bonus is in the autumn when new flowers are formed and bloom along the leaf axils in each stem. These flowers are smaller, but there are more of them and add a pop of pink color to the fall landscape. Then, the leaves turn a lovely burgundy-red in autumn. The shape is a lovely rounded mound and this plant needs very little pruning to keep its perfect shape. (CPBR 6042)

Height: 3-4′
Spread: 3-4′
Shape: Mounded
Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade
Foliage: Yellow-green to green
Fall Foliage: Red-burgundy
Zone: 3-8


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