Music Box

A symphony of color for your garden!

With bountiful double blooms featuring creamy yellow centers surrounded by the delicate pink, Music Box roses truly bring your garden to life.

The everblooming mounds of flowers are contrasted by glossy medium green foliage that is disease resistant. At an average height of 3-5.5’, this variety is a perfect accent shrub.

It’s a wonderful way to add harmony to any landscape. A very hardy variety, it thrives in zones 4-9.

Here are three great reasons to grow Music Box:

  1. Bountiful double blooms in creamy yellow and delicate pink.
  2. Glossy medium green foliage that is disease resistant.
  3. Hardy, easy to grow in zones 4-9.


Height: 3-5.5′
Spread: 3-4.5′
Shape: Rounded mound
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Medium green glossy
Zone: 4-9


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