Light-O-day First Edition

A combination of colors for a dramatic effect!

Stunning white variegation makes this elegant lacecap hydrangea a real standout.

The lacecap flowerheads feature an outer ring of bright white sterile flowers and a delicate center full of blooms in either soft pink or glowing blue depending on the pH of the soil.

Set off against clean, bright foliage, these blooms are even more eye-catching. Light-O-Day is guaranteed to be an attention grabber, whether in a landscape bed or in a container

Here are three great reasons to grow Light-O-Day:

  1. Clusters of blooms feature white variegation: white outside, pink or blue inside depending on soil pH.
  2. Clean, bright foliage sets off the blooms nicely.
  3. Works equally well in landscape designs or container gardens.
Height: 3-5′
Spread: 3-5′
Shape: Rounded
Exposure: Morning Sun, Part Shade
Foliage: White variegation
Fall Foliage: Insignificant
Zone: 5-9


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